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Slot Volatility in Canadian Online Casinos Explained

Slot Volatility Explained

Slot machines are probably the most played games globally, including in Canada-based online casinos, which is why it's impossible to talk about bonuses in casinos without mentioning these particular games. The casino classics have made their way to the online gambling arena in a much more unique, fun, and modern way that gamblers wouldn't have imagined.

Essentially, you'll find a host of versions ranging from mobile games, multipliers, multi-pay lines, mega and progressive jackpots. Whatever type of machine online gamers choose to play; there is one key aspect that cannot be ignored - slot volatility, which is what this page is all about.

Slot Volatility Terms

When you register with a game site and wish to take part in pokie machines, it's important that you determine how volatile a game is by giving it a test run using the latest 2023 Canadian casino promotions. This is the most effective way to tell whether or not a game is suitable for your gaming style.

What's the volatility of a slot you might ask? Sometimes, referred to as variance, these two terms are used to denote the risk inherent to a specific game. Put simply, they tell you how rare or often you can expect to win or how big or small you can expect your prizes to be. The machines made available at any top Canadian sites will have low, medium, or high variance.

Highly Volatile Games

Slot Volatility Explained

Also given terms like 'high risk', these titles feature bigger payouts, but few and farther between. They're preferred by the folks with substantial bankrolls and have enough patience to chase the top prizes. Typically, high-variance titles or bonus games can pay 3,000 to 10,000 times your initial wager.

Needless to say, it's wise to choose these kinds of titles only when your budget has a lot of cushion and don't mind the wait.

Slots with Medium Volatility

These machines make a perfect compromise between low and high volatile games. They are indeed frustrating to play, but that's what makes them fun as they offer highly anticipated wins in return. They basically make a good choice for the players looking for entertainment with some frequent wins.

It should be noted that these come with excellent awards too, so gamers will come across lucrative Canadian free spins bonus coupons/codes here and there.

Low Variance Machines

Slot Volatility Explained

The returns on such games are a lot smaller but more frequent, and they happen to be quite entertaining given the fact that you'll enjoy more Canadian bonus vouchers to keep paying without much risk. However, not to say that big wins aren't possible - they do happen just not on a similar scale as those of higher variance titles.

Some advantages of these particular game titles include effective management of the bankroll, longer playtime, and smaller losses.

Choosing the Right Games

Now that you know what the terms slot volatility mean, it's probably wise you know what kind of games suit you best - as you already know by now, one way to make sure you have a rewarding and great online gaming experience is to determine the variance of pokie machines:

  • Play the Game: A majority of betting operators won't disclose how volatile a machine is, therefore, it's up to you to find out. To do that, you'll have to use the various bonus coupons in Canada to try a title first.
  • Determine the RTP: The Return to Player rate is essentially a projection of how much a gamer can anticipate in winnings, which is determined by the developer. Note that the terms 'higher RTP rates' mean higher odds of winning (less volatile titles), while games with lower RTPs are considered more volatile.